Contract Coating Inc.


When you choose Contract Coating as your coating specialist, we will help guide you through the coating process from the R&D phase to a finished product. We can help you understand the types of coating available, provide you with color samples or match any color you may need to the Pantone color chart, and formulate specific coating for your application and regulatory requirements. We can coat tablets of all shapes and sizes including soft gels and are ready to provide you the product finishing you envisioned.


Why coat your product?

The motivation for coating range from cosmetic considerations like a specific color or gloss for a distinctive appearance, to improving the stability of a product and modifying the product’s release behavior once ingested.

What types of coating can we do?

Film Coating:

  • Immediate Release: Film coating is the most economical method of enhancing your product – helping to positively impact consumer preference, differentiating your product’s visual appearance, as well as improving the ability to swallow and masking objectionable tastes or odors.
  • Enteric Release: Enteric film coating can help provide an odorless tablet and can help delay the release of the tablet by providing an enteric protection to deliver a final tablet that saves you development, scale-up and production time while assuring the integrity of the coating for the safety and efficacy of your finished product.

Sugar Coating:

  • Sugar coating is a traditional method to coat tablets used to enhance the appearance and provide a barrier to objectionable taste. This labor intensive process takes highly skilled operators to perform multiple steps to achieve a shiny smooth coating on tablets. We are one of the few companies that still have sugar coating capabilities in the North East and we have refined our techniques over the years. This makes us the leaders that you can trust in this one of a kind coating process.